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containment & removal

Our managers, supervisors, and technicians are trained & certified in asbestos abatement.

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remediation & cleanup

Our fully certified technicians perform thorough, safe mold remediation & cleanup.

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containment & removal

All of our technicians have been trained & certified in the removal of lead-based paint.

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Hazardous Waste

transportation & disposal

Cost-effective solutions for packaging, transportation, and hazardous waste.

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BBEK Environmental Company

Why Choose BBEK?

Predictability. Reliability. Accuracy. Trustworthiness.
  • Our thoroughly planned solutions allow you to monitor progress easily.
  • We have a professional staff that independently works in your best interest.
  • Our documentation is done right the first time.
  • We have a Team that supports your mission and reputation.
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About Us

We Are Experts

BBEK Environmental Company creates safe environments in schools, homes, offices and buildings by designing and executing cost-effective containment, abatement and removal solutions.

We hold all required State & Federal licenses, and we have the insurance, plus bonding capabilities, to meet the most demanding job specifications.

Environmental Consulting Services for public buildings, construction sites, and industrial manufacturing facilities through our partner Greenway Environmemntal.


We are Michigan's experts in commercial environmental remediation services for public buildings, construction sites, and industrial manufacturing facilities.


We are Michigan's experts in residential environmental remediation services for homes, apartments, and condominiums.


We are Michigan's experienced experts in local, state, and federal environmental remediation services for government offices, government agencies, and government organizations.

Our Recent Projects

We are proud of our work
  • BBEK Environmental Company Project
    Local Blight Authority

    We work directly with local city government helping to fortify their efforts in ridding neighborhoods of urban blight.

    Our efforts help put communities back on their feet and give people the clean slate they deserve.

    BBEK Environmental Company Project
    City Demolition

    We perform major demolition projects for the City of Detroit, industrial facilities, commercial facilities and more.

    BBEK will remediate the site of hazardous materials as well as perform asbestos abatement when necessary.

    BBEK Environmental Company Project
    Public School Remediation

    Our mold remediation in public facilities helps to eliminating potential health concerns that can trigger allergic reactions.

    We create safe environments by identifying and removing potential toxins and/or irritants.

  • BBEK Environmental Company Project
    Large Scale Retail

    We specialize in large scale remediation, abatement, and hazardous waste removal projects.

    Our efforts in creating safe working environments helps local businesses to open their doors again to the public.

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BBEK President

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